Ashley Phillips

"My eyes constantly capture fleeting moments & hidden details of nature, objects and spaces; my mind & imagination then weave these memories creating a cocktail of possibilities.

I love experimenting with materials, surfaces, new and old technologies and techniques to create my art.

I am passionate about biomimicry and how nature is our greatest teacher. I get touched moved and inspired by natural geometry and playing with the macro and micro images."


Ashley received a 1st BA Hons in Design and Public Art from Chelsea School of Art where he learnt that any material could be used for his art. He started using his knowledge and passion for sustainability in his art, using creativity as a means of inspiring behaviour change. His eco design creations and ideas have been published in several magazines.

Ashley has an MA in Sustainable Design and spent 8 years teaching Art & Design, he has also been an Associate Lecturer at Chelsea Art College and London College of Communication.


Ashley works part time for a mental health charity (Jami). He helped design and develop the social enterprise ‘upcycling project’ while continuing his own professional practice in his studio at home in North London and collaborating with the Creative Nature Collective. paintings public art coming soon