Di Jones



I grew up exploring the beaches and marshes of the east coast, collecting flotsam and jetsam, stones and shells and seaweed; crabbing; obsessed with the tides and waves and boats; playing in the wonky sideways shed that upset our balance and changed our world for a few minutes. I carry the memory of this erstwhile life in all I do, striving for that sense of freedom and play both in my own work and in the creative workshops I run with all age groups.

I encourage exploration and experimentation in art activities, through playing with materials, allowing ideas to evolve, and confidence to be built.

I am trained to Forest School level 3 and working as a forest school leader in a small woodland, regularly for two years, has influenced me hugely. Observing children interact with the woodland, watching their confidence grow as they access their creativity through exploring and playing with what is naturally in the environment, has convinced me that engagement with nature and natural materials is fundamental to our creativity and wellbeing in life.

My own sculpture practice is influenced by my community and outdoor work. I recycle materials as much as possible, striving to use ‘rubbish’ – especially plastic, making organic inspired forms with manufactured materials, exploring the rhythms and patterns in nature.