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Kirsty Reynolds

What is my practice?


Maker, shaker, play creator. My practice is about making something out of ‘nothing’ and bringing people together to connect through play and creativity. I’m a mixed-media artist, working in anything and everything, but particularly skilled in photography, film, print making, book binding and photomontage. I am developing my practice - by using a multi- media approach to create site specific, immersive experiences, that awaken the senses and bring about collectivism through a shared experience. 


Why I am part of a collective?


As a participatory arts practitioner, I thrive from working collectively with others to create happenings and spectacles. I am passionate about play and creativity and believe the more moments of creation the better. As such, being part of a collective enables my actions and ethos to carry further. I like to keep my ego out of my practice and enjoy being part of a collective process, where everyone’s skills and sharing is equally valued, and we are creating something bigger and better from more hands and more imagination.


What can I offer?

As a jack-of-all-arts, I have an understanding of many visual art processes. I am a confident and energetic facilitator who enjoys bringing people together to share and learn skills. I am also super keen to try and learn everything and anything.