Sculptural Adoption

May 26, 2018

How does the Sculptural Adoption Scheme work?


-- Register your interest and give us your details and the proposed location of the artwork.


-- Elect a project champion who will be our point of contact for the whole process.



Moving the work


Once we allocate you a piece of work, your organisation has the responsibility to arrange the moving and installation of the work. This is a very important part of taking ownership of the work. Sorting the logistics of the work brings our teams together and transfers the responsibility to you.


Celebrate its arrival

As an adopter, we encourage you to organise a celebration to acknowledge all the hard work, love, and dedication that has gone into the piece. This is an opportunity to create a story and build upon this for the benefit of both organisations.



Our organisation has no core funding and relies on bookings for our courses to fund this project. We look to the members of your network and your wider circle to support our project and get involved with our courses. Come and carve and weave and learn to make together.


Because our organisation relies on paid participation, this circular experience-based economy is looking all the time to expand our connections, celebrating these acts of generosity, and encouraging and offering specialist skills and knowledge to all we work with.


We finance our projects by giving experiences to people, bringing them together in a creative and inspiring space where they are exposed to new people, ideas and skills. We share experiences, joy and reveal our creative natures.


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