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Summer of Play - Building communities at Wembley Park

September 10, 2018

At the Summer of Play in Wembley we teamed up with Emergency Exit Arts and was funded by the marvelous developers Quintain to create permanent art works and seating for several new community spaces within a development surrounding Wembley Stadium.


Local residents came along and all manner of ages took to the chisels to carve and cut the wood into beautiful patterned shapes. It was a wonderful opportunity for a wide variety of members of this diverse community to get involved in creating some permanent sculptural objects, that were both functional and aesthetic. 


So many people were exposed to the calming process of carving wood. We appealed to so many different demographics and found that everyone appreciated the calming effect of wood carving. 


A big thanks to the amazing Emergency Exit Arts for organizing it so beautifully and the amazing Quintain for putting the money forward and more.