Weaving Club

What is it?

This workshop is an introduction to creating and making large scale willow sculpture as a group activity. Stephen, your tutor, has been working with willow for over 30 years and trained as a sculptor and forest school teacher.

The day starts at 10am with some informal introductions and a quick demonstration of safety awareness of the space. We will look at willow in its dry and wet state and begin to handle and learn techniques to manipulate it into forms. 

There is the option to develop your own work or individual projects to take with you. It is best to speak to Stephen to understand the additional costs of buying willow for these projects. These costs vary on size, from as little as £5 to around £45 for a large willow animal!

The work will progress through the day, immersing you into the wonderful rhythm of weaving. At Creative Nature, we differ from other crafts courses in that we create the artwork to be donated to community groups and schools. You take home memories and new skills, and your work is passed on to be enjoyed by the community.

Where is the willow from?

Our willow for the workshops is supplied by Musgrove Willows, a family run business providing willow for a range of craft practices since 1928 in the historic village of Westonzoyland. Over 60 varieties of willow are grown on 100 acres of land. All of the crop is processed at home using traditional methods,  working sensitively with the environment. 

How is it grown?

Willow grows in early spring. The ground is first plowed so the topsoil is nice and soft. Then, the setts are planted by hand. A few weeks later, the plants begin to shoot, but a willow bed can take up to three years to produce a proper crop. The willows are then cut from November onwards, after the growing season has ended. They are then dried naturally outdoors and stored.

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What to bring?

All materials and tools for the day are included. Do wear work wear and bring an apron if you have one.

Feel free to Contact us with any Questions.

Adopt an artwork!

Adopt an art work for your organisation... for free! All you have to pay for is the transportation of the sculpture and it is yours for ever. With a range of on going communal projects to choose from, there's got to be something for you. To find out more, have a read of this PDF and then give us a call or email. 

Adopt an artwork PDF

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