Carving Club

What is it?

Monumental sculptural wood carving is an opportunity to get involved in carving large scale green timber. We work together to gain confidence and develop the foundation skills of making, often starting with large animal sculptures. You will be guided by Stephen Stockbridge who is trained as a sculptor and has been creating public artworks for over 30 years. Top end tools, biscuits, and tea are provided.

What will be learnt?

Students are introduced to working with mallets, chisels, and gouges, while also learning the principles of tool sharpening, an essential part of the process. There will be demonstrations of other wood carving with power tools, including chainsaw and angle grinders. There will also be the opportunity to understand how to sling and move large work. Working with other people on large-scale pieces is the most important part, as in this process we learn so much about ourselves.

At this primary level, we tend to stick to a variety of hand tools. By using bow saws then wedges and mallets of varying sizes, from a hand carved wooden mallet to a heavy steel sledge hammer, we extract pieces of wood from large tree trunks for our sculpture. We learn to manipulate the wood and fashion its form, first using carving axes and draw knives, then wood carving gouges and mallets.

What is green woodworking?

Simply put, it is working with wood in its most raw state. The wood is freshly harvested, meaning it has been cut within a few weeks and has a high moisture content, making it easy to split, cut, and carve by hand. The wood used in our workshops comes from a variety of London tree surgeons, who discard what has been cut from a range of locations. If we don't use the wood from these sources, it is mainly chipped and used as weed suppressant mulch.

do I get to take my work home with me?


One of the main principles of Creative nature is to learn and share new skills and discover the power of working collectively. Making sculptures takes much more time than people often think it does, and the workshop helps you adjust to the speed of making.


Because of this, work does not get finished in one session but a piece is handed from one group to another until it is finished. At this point, the work can be purchased by individuals or adopted for free by an organisation via our Sculptural Adoption Programme.


When an artwork is purchased or adopted, the resources are then used for the next collective woodworking project.

The key here is simplicity, we are using techniques that are easily learned, which allow the participants to gain confidence and gives a framework on which to explore the world of making, craft and sculpture. Spontaneous moments are captured, energy is shared, all within the supportive atmosphere of the Creative nature HQ. We love what we do and we love to share with others.

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What to bring?

Suitable clothing that you don't mind getting wood chip on! All materials and tools provided. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Adopt an artwork!

Adopt an art work for your organisation... for free?! All you have to pay for is the transportation of the sculpture and it is yours for ever. With a range of on going communal projects to choose from, there's got to be something for you. To find out more, have a read of this PDF and then give us a call or email. 

Adopt an artwork PDF

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