Spoon Carving Club

Spoon Carving Club

Creative nature HQ’s Spoon Carving Club offers a space to learn to carve spoons from green wood.

Green wood is freshly cut with a high moisture content. This is a beautiful and easy way to carve. 

We run regular spoon carving courses both at Creative nature HQ, based in SE18 and at our Forest club at Woodlands Farm Trust in Shooters Hill both in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in South East London.

The act of carving a spoon introduces us nicely to three essential spoon carving tools: the carving axe, the straight knife and the crook knife. With these tools and some practice, we can easily reveal the form of a spoon out of every log we find.

We are lucky enough to have access to fresh wood that we both coppice and salvage from London tree surgeons. All our wood is therefore locally and ethically sourced and is saved from being chipped.

Booking a spoon carving course in London

You have the option of booking a one-off experience, as a half-day or full-day session or come for several sessions to give you the time to develop your skills and finish your spoon to a high standard.  

If you would like to join our Spoon carving sessions on a regular basis, you can become a Creative nature HQ member and get discounted rates on workshops or buy bundles of time to use outside of workshop hours.

So many ways for you to develop your spoon carving skills!

The joy of carving a spoon!

We begin this journey together. It starts with a desire to make something. Follow that desire and come to a Spoon carving course at Creative nature HQ!

In our fast-paced lives, we often ignore our basic desire to make things, an instinctual creativity and ancient knowledge that may be dormant within us. I call this is our creative nature. As humans, we are born to make. The process of transformation is a deeply satisfying experience and taking part in a spoon carving course is a modest and achievable way in. When we learn new skills, we gain a deep sense of satisfaction that connects us to thousands of years of tradition and making.

By carving a spoon, which is by nature a functional object and one we are all familiar with, we are free from the pressure of deciding what to carve and instead we can become familiar with the tools of this ancient craft. 

As you gain confidence with the tools, you begin to build a relationship with small scale carving and understand the subtle and addictive qualities of this new hobby.

You are supported through the whole process and encouraged to explore carving in your own way and at your own pace. This is an exercise in slowing down and settling your attention.

Taking your carving further

From learning the art of spoon carving, you will have the knowledge to go away and build on what you have learned in your own time. There are opportunities to further develop your skills on projects using other tools, for instance to explore hand carved bowls. It is advised to master the foundation skills that spoon carving provides. This workshop is designed to be a wonderful experience on its own but is also your gateway to the craft. Knowing how to carve safely and well with a knife is as rewarding as it is empowering. It helps broaden your understanding of wood as a material, gives a solid foundation for your skills in every aspect of traditional woodwork.

We are lucky enough to have access to fresh wood that we both coppice and salvage from London tree surgeons. All our wood is therefore locally and ethically sourced and saves it from being chipped.

What to expect

Classes are made up of a maximum of ten students and take place in the beautiful space that is the Creative nature HQ studio. Larger groups can also be accommodated in our wonderful woodland setting at The Woodlands Farm Trust.

Some students will be first time carvers and others returning to hone their skills and gain more experience.

The spoon carving workshop is led by Stephen Stockbridge, sculptor, maker and Forest School teacher with over 30 years carving experience.

He will guide you through the steps of making a wooden spoon of your very own. We will explore tool safety, knife grips, wood selection and begin to understand the art of tool sharpening.

If you would like to know how to find and source wood for your own projects and what type of tools to buy, Stephen is always happy to advise. You will be able to buy spoon carving tools from us at Creative nature HQ along with a simple sharpening kit.

You will learn new skills and make new friends within a calm and gentle space.  People work at different speeds, so to make a truly finished spoon it will take at least two sessions. The key to good carving is practice.

All tools and materials are provided, along with hot drinks and biscuits. We will always start the day with a cup of tea or coffee and a gentle introduction.

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What to bring?

Suitable clothing that you don't mind getting wood chip on! All materials and tools provided. 

Adopt an artwork!

Adopt an art work for your organisation... for free?! All you have to pay for is the transportation of the sculpture and it is yours for ever. With a range of on going communal projects to choose from, there's got to be something for you. To find out more, have a read of this PDF and then give us a call or email. 

Adopt an artwork PDF

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