"Your knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for weaving was shared with us throughout the workshop and I came away on a high note and with the thought that I had learnt a lot and that all things were possible."

Angela Wright

“The children gained the invaluable experience of meeting 'real' artists from different backgrounds, working in their locality.”


L.Kirkwood - Beecholme Primary school

“It was a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques and to see a project through with artists who shared their skills. I don't think the children realised that they were capable of producing this high level of art! This experience has really enhanced the children's creative skils and also provided the teachers with lots of new and interesting ideas. It has been a really exciting few days, all the children have gained allot of skills and are really proud of what they have achieved. The teachers loved it too!”

Catherine Morrell- Moreton Green School

“A wonderful learning experience for the children in two ways: the first being, working with the artists and secondly, experiencing new materials and tools. The children were able to develop new skills in 3D work and thoroughly enjoyed modelling, casting and painting their sculptures.
The artists were very professional and shared their expertise with us all. The children are proud of the results and now the finnished totem pole.”


Mrs Lisa Belloy- Malmsbury Primary School

“The children really enjoyed the project and it fulfilled the aim of allowing them time to discover new ways of working together to complete the piece. They loved experiencing different media, completing a staged process and working in groups. The project has also given us the means to explore change and how it effects our environment.”


Alex Ribeyro- Merton Abbey First School

“The children have gained more confidence, new ideas and a sense of artistic freedom. They also have pride in seeing their work permanently displayed.”


Rebecca Brown- Pollards Hill